Westworld Season 3: Who is Serac?

Westworld Season 3: Who is Serac?
The following contains spoilers for Westworld season 3 episode 5.

Vincent Cassel is a fascinating actor. Born in Paris and blessed with angular features, he has an unmistakable allure of mystery and the exotic about him. He’s been sparingly seen in mainstream movies and TV shows in recent years, seemingly because if you’re going to bring Cassel aboard, you’d better find a suitably mysterious and exotic role for him.

Well Westworld season 3 has that in spades for Mr. Cassel! As teased in season 3’s first episode (and spoiled by IMDb and HBO’s website), Cassel is indeed the enigmatic Engerraund Serac at the center of this season’s mystery. But who exactly is Serac and what role will he play going forward?

After four episodes of hints here and there, Westworld season 3 just comes out and reveals everything we need to know about Serac in his origin story-centric fifth installment,
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