Seeking Utopia at the End of the World: Close-Up on "The Daughters of Fire"

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Seeking Utopia at the End of the World: Close-Up on
Close-Up is a feature that spotlights films now playing on Mubi. Albertina Carri's The Daughters of Fire is exclusively showing March 23 - April 21, 2020 in Mubi's Undiscovered series.Dating back to making shorts in the late 1990s, Albertina Carri has become a significant iconoclast in Argentine cinema in both realms of fiction and non-fiction films. Film and politics run in her blood and have long informed her confrontational and subversive sensibilities. As a queer woman, sex and gender amid homophobia, sexism, maschismo culture, and the male gaze also inform her work and career, which in addition to filmmaking also has her working within Argentine film culture as a major creative force behind Argentina’s Lgbtq film festival, Asterisco. Her most recent feature, The Daughters of Fire, is provocative in its explicit scenes among a group of queer women in which sex is presented in shockingly honest and upfront detail in fully pornographic splendor.
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