Domains review – eerie echoes of a world in isolation | Peter Bradshaw's film of the week

This stark, experimental drama about a woman in a troubled marriage who reconnects with an old friend is the first movie of the coronavirus era

The first movie of the coronaviral era is already here. Domains, from Japanese film-maker Natsuka Kusano, premiered last year at the Rotterdam film festival, so it was conceived and made well before the outbreak. But with eerie relevance, it speaks to the spirit of our times, featuring sparsely populated or empty streets, characters who always stay a few feet apart, who don’t touch and rarely speak face-to-face, and in any case only with a weird dislocation and alienation. There’s a character who objects to the isolation in which another character appears to be locking down his family and demands to know if this man considers her a “virus” who has to be kept well away. In her own domain, in fact.

Along with many others recently,
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