The Platform – Review

The Platform – Review
Review by Stephen Tronicek

The Platform, released on Netflix into this harsh climate of ours, starts with a premise so fiendishly simple all screenwriters worth their salt (including myself) should be kicking themselves. Goreng (Ivan Massagué), a man looking to obtain a quick academic document, wakes up in “the hole,” a prison/indentured servitude area. It is set up vertically. The hole in the middle of the room reveals an endless chasm of other rooms. Each day, a platform lowers down carrying a tray of food. The problem? Every level above Goreng has already gotten to eat off of it first. That’s a smart idea. It’s visually interesting and the metaphor is easy to grasp. If there’s a finite amount of food, what’s to stop the people above you from getting to it first?

But better ideas have been squandered. Built as a “contained-thriller,” The Platform
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