I’ve never seen ... Rear Window

I’ve never seen ... Rear Window
For a housebound James Stewart, staring out at the neighbours becomes an all-consuming obsession. Luckily he has Grace Kelly to help sort truth from fantasy

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Some turned to Contagion, but the film I decided to watch in the first week of the lockdown was Rear Window, which turns out to be as close to having a Secret Cinema-type experience from the confines of one’s home as it is possible to have. I am not sure why this particular Hitchcock, out of all the big Hitchcocks, was the one I had left unwatched, though I suspect it could be due to me confusing the title with “rearview mirror”, which left a low hum of an idea in the back of my mind that it was about cars. I knew that it was about voyeurism, and witnessing a murder, but what I
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