Life-Edit: A Companion to Streaming and Solitude

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"Life-Edit (A Companion to Streaming and Solitude)" is a text by Costanza Candeloro commissioned by Fondazione Prada. Focused on the individual and collective experience of streaming, this native content accompanies the film project "Perfect Failures" conceived by Mubi and Fondazione Prada and available on the online platform in select countries from April 5, 2020. Every week an illustrated chapter of the text will be published on Fondazione Prada’s website and on the Notebook. Above: Frontispiece of the book Le Voyage dans les Yeux by Georges Rodenbach, Paul Ollendorff Éditeur, Paris, 1893. Courtesy Archives et Musée de la Littérature, BruxellesStreaming is the default and generic act of watching a movie on a digital device, a clean act. This text introduces several conditions that are parallel to the act of streaming, providing a fragmentary overview of watching and playlist syndromes involved when somebody engages with movies in the 3rd millennium.Streaming is the least passive format of viewership,
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