Belmondo and Melville

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Belmondo and Melville
Belmondo and Melville is showing April and May, 2020 on Mubi in the United States.In 1961 Jean-Pierre Melville released Léon Morin, Priest—a deeply French film set during the Second World War—and in 1963 came his follow-up, Le doulos, a modern-day crime movie with American influences. In the year between those two films, Serge Gainsbourg released an album called Serge Gainsbourg N° 4. The record is notable for shifting the singer a little further away from his French troubadour roots and towards more contemporary, rock’n’roll sounds. The album features a song with a title in English, “Intoxicated Man”—a jazzy, Hammond organ-backed number in which Gainsbourg uses the English words “smoking” and “living room.” These little touches show the creep of American influences on French culture: Gainsbourg is affecting the cool nonchalance of a modern man, with the help of these particular lifestyle signifiers. A year later, Jean-Paul Belmondo also
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