Run Episode 4 Review: Chase

Run Episode 4 Review: Chase
This Run review contains spoilers.

Run Season 1 Episode 4

Chemistry alone wasn’t going to keep HBO’s Run afloat. The series was desperately in need of a good foil, and Archie Panjabi’s Fiona is the right chaos agent to derail this train. The brains behind Billy’s operation, Fiona has the wit and charisma to not only con Ruby, but also keep Billy nervous and on his toes. Billy seems desperate to leave Fiona in the past, but as long as there’s money being left on the table, she’s not going to let him go so easily.

Fiona has been getting involved in Ruby and Billy’s plans long before they met at Grand Central. It’s revealed that four years ago when Ruby texted Billy “Run” on her wedding day, Fiona intercepted the message and deleted it before Billy could see it. If Fiona hadn’t come between the pair,
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