Film Review: The Fatal Raid (2019) by Jacky Lee

Film Review: The Fatal Raid (2019) by Jacky Lee
Recently, we have scene the return of the “Girls with Guns” sub-genre to the Jade Screen with several female led action movies emerging with various degrees of success, with former action heroines slipping back into their former roles after years away. After Kara Hui returned to action prominence in “Mrs K” in 2016, we now have the resurrection of Jade Leung in Jacky Lee’s “The Fatal Raid”.

A police operation in Macau involving Inspector Tan Ka Ming (Patrick Tam) and Madam Fong (Jade Leung) goes tragically wrong, resulting in the deaths of most of their teams and several civilians. The operation is deleted from police records and the survivors are left to deal with the traumas. Twenty years later, they return to Macau as part of a guard detail. After an attack on the Chief inspector, they remain along with two junior policewomen Alma (Jeana Ho) and Zi Han Minchen) to investigate,
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