‘Assassin 33 A.D.’ Review

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‘Assassin 33 A.D.’ Review
Stars: Donny Boaz, Morgan Roberts, Isla Levine, Lamar Usher, Gerardo Davila, Jason Castro, Heidi Montag | Written and Directed by Jim Carroll

Written and directed by Jim Carroll, Assassin 33 A.D. takes the basic tenets of the faith film genre (i.e. Christian values) and shoves them into a schlocky, overly violent time travel plot. The result is deeply misguided and comfortably one of the worst films ever made.

After a prologue in which security guard Brandt (Donny Boaz) loses his faith after the death of his wife and daughters in a car crash, the plot centres on a group of science geniuses – including straight-laced team leader Ram Goldstein (Morgan Roberts) and his devoutly Christian colleague-slash-girlfriend Amy (Ilsa Devine) – who accidentally invent time travel while trying to create a matter transporter.

Their joy in their discovery is short-lived, however, because their wealthy boss Ahmed (Gerardo Davila) is secretly a Muslim terrorist
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