Aya Koretzky Introduces Her Film "Around the World When You Were My Age"

Aya Koretzky Introduces Her Film
Aya Koretzky's Around the World When You Were My Age is exclusively playing on Mubi from May 28 - June 27, 2020 in Mubi's Undiscovered series.In 1969, Jiro Koretzky, my father, after six years without a vacation, decided to stop working as a young businessman in Tokyo, Japan, to tour the world for a year. He was then 30 years old.Recently, during the tidying up of the house, my father and I found a metal box, heavy and forgotten since we moved to Portugal in 1992. That box was full of negative photographs of his youth. There were images of my young father that I had never seen before and most of them were photographs he took during his trip. Upon discovering them, I felt something strange because I was the same age as he was when he took the photographs. Observing each image of the negative, I wanted to know their travel
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