CNN’s Coronavirus ‘Town Hall’ Has Become a Primetime Staple

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CNN’s Coronavirus ‘Town Hall’ Has Become a Primetime Staple
When Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta took on their latest assignment for CNN, neither of them could have projected it might last for months.

The duo has for the past 13 weeks co-anchored a Thursday-night “town hall” that tackles a wide range of issues sparked by the coronavirus spread. But where their “Coronavirus: Facts and Fears” was once a novelty, seen as part of a wave of quick-response programming tactics by the nation’s TV-news outlets, it is now an entrenched part of the CNN weekly schedule.

“My sense is that as long as the trajectory of this story continues, we will continue to do these,” says Charlie Moore, executive producer of the program as well as Cooper’s regular 8 p.m. show, “Anderson Cooper 360” in an interview. “I certainly don’t have any notion from Jeff [Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide] or Michael [Bass, CNN’s executive vice president of programming] or anyone like that saying there is a date when we are stopping these.
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