Trick or Treat Review

Trick or Treat Review
Though each illuminating British TV across the past three decades, brothers Craig and Dean Lennox Kelly hadn’t acted alongside one another before on screen, until now. The Lancashire born siblings, known for their work on the likes of Queer As Folk and Shameless, respectively, both excel in this gritty and suspenseful British thriller, that examines just what lengths we’d go to in the name of family.

Craig Kelly plays Greg, a new father, he’s worn-out, fed-up and in need of excitement in his life. Though he couldn’t quite have anticipated it coming in the form of a visit from his brother Dan (Dean Lennox Kelly) in the middle of the night with nothing but a frantic expression on his face, and a body in the boot of his car. The pair set off into the night, as Greg ponders whether a lifetime changing nappies may just be preferable after-all.
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