What to Watch While the World Burns, Part 2 — TV Podcast

What to Watch While the World Burns, Part 2 — TV Podcast
It has been more than a week since George Floyd died at the hands of a Minneapolis Police Department officer and in the days since, protests and demonstrations have developed around the world, as hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in both sprawling metropolitan areas and smaller burgs to decry institutionalized racism and police brutality, and again assert that Black Lives Matter.

Even as clashes between police — and now National Guard troops — and protesters continue, with political actors offering little but empty words and/or escalation, a global pandemic continues to percolate, fueling astronomical unemployment rates and a global economic depression.

With all of those unthinkable travesties unfolding simultaneously, it becomes difficult to find the wherewithal to talk about television at any length.

But that’s also short-sighted and selling the medium short. TV, film, music, and the arts in general have always been a powerful
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