‘Lenox Hill’: TV Review

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‘Lenox Hill’: TV Review
That doctors have difficult jobs is among the points TV has made most forcefully throughout the medium’s existence. The genre has long since entered its baroque period, larding on helicopter crashes (“ER”), medical mysteries (“House”) and bombs inside patients (the still-running “Grey’s Anatomy”) to gin up increasingly unsatisfying excitement and over-prove the case that working in a hospital is hard.

What’s so striking about “Lenox Hill,” Netflix’s new documentary series and among the best shows released so far this year, is the way it shows the excitement and the stress of the utterly quotidian. Released into a world in which our understanding of the pressures hospitals face has been newly reinforced, “Lenox Hill” was shot before the Covid-19 pandemic. It depicts a seemingly well-funded, competently staffed hospital in which the best of times are still grindingly tough, and introduces four characters whose un-reality-tv-ish aversion to high dudgeon
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