Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream review – strangely moving movie-memoir

A depressed man catalogues his five-a-day film habit in this grandiose but unflinching collation of narrated clips

Actually, this film may make you scream – or at the very least roll your eyes at the self-seriousness of it all. Frank Beauvais’s cine-memoir is a 75-minute collage of the 400 or so films he binge-watched while living alone for six months in an isolated Alsace village 30 miles from the nearest station. Each clip – lasting three to four seconds – gives visual expression to Beauvais’s tortured voiceover. He explains how after a break-up, drinking too much and not sleeping, he filled his 18-hour days watching movies – “film bulimia” he calls it. Catnip to those who like to poke fun at intellectual pretentiousness.
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