Foxtel, commercial broadcasters plead for deregulation

Foxtel, commercial broadcasters plead for deregulation

Arguably the most stressed players in the broadcasting sector, Foxtel, the Seven and Nine Networks and Network 10 are calling for the scrapping of local content quota obligations.

In its submission to the government’s ‘Supporting Australian Stories on Our Screens’ options paper review, Foxtel advocates option 4, which would result in platform-neutral deregulation and revising the existing incentives for Australian content.

The pay TV platform wants to abolish the requirement to invest at least 10 per cent of its total program expenditure on new Australian drama, arguing that would provide more flexibility to invest across a variety of genres.

“Removing regulation provides an equal playing field, offering traditional broadcasters the opportunity to further innovate and modernise in order to compete with international content providers,” Foxtel said.

Free TV Australia, which reps metropolitan and regional broadcaster, favours deregulation of quota obligations, with the exception of the overall 55 per cent Australian transmission quota,
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