‘No Time To Die’ postponed again

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‘No Time To Die’ postponed again
The ongoing situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed daily life as we know it. Gatherings of people, whether they be for parties or events, are practically impossible at the moment, and this has adversely impacted a number of sectors and industries. Restaurants and bars are struggling to stay afloat due to restrictions on movement and the social distancing norms in place, while any business which relies on people stepping outside their homes is struggling at the moment. Movie theatres are in the same boat, with almost every country having closed down cinema halls along with other outdoor entertainment venues, and as a result, most major motion pictures releases have had to be postponed globally.

This stands to reason, as movies which would have normally been blockbusters and made billions of dollars will open to empty theatres in the present scenario, and movie producers cannot risk losing money on big-budget productions in this manner.
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