The Simpsons: 10 Funny "Ralph's Heart Rips In Half" Memes That Make Us Laugh

The Simpsons: 10 Funny
The Simpsons is one of the longest-running animated comedies on TV and predates the internet itself. For many people in their 20s, it's a show that has always been on TV. Perhaps that's the reason for all the great Simpsons memes that have been circulating the internet since the early days of entertaining internet content. Even if you don't watch the show, you've probably seen Ralph Wiggum's innocent yellow face exclaiming "I'm in danger" or him crashing head-first through a window at one point or another.

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In one particularly dramatic moment in Ralph's life, Lisa breaks his heart on live TV. Sometime after, an iconic meme was born. To make this hilarious meme, content creators will often key out the TV screen to show characters from other films and television shows at the moment of heartbreak.
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