What’s Up With Those Dinosaurs in Hulu’s ‘Palm Springs’?

What’s Up With Those Dinosaurs in Hulu’s ‘Palm Springs’?
(This article contains major spoilers for the time loop comedy “Palm Springs” on Hulu)

It’s not easy to put a fresh spin on the “Groundhog Day” formula, but “Palm Springs” certainly pulls it off. Like most of the other films in this little subgenre, you’re not really supposed to think to hard about the mechanics of why this one day is repeating over and over forever — but this film is smart enough to give us just enough info on how it works to make us wonder about some things.

So “Palm Springs” introduces a major new wrinkle in this “Groundhog Day” subgenre, by having multiple different characters experience the loop together. So we’ve got Nyles (Samberg), Sarah (Milioti) and Roy (Jk Simmons), all experiencing this one day together, repeatedly.

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