Palm Springs | Review

Palm Springs | Review
Quantum Leap: Barbakow Recycles Tropes for Amusing Romantic Comedy Debut

The idea of being stuck in an endless time loop, being forced to endure the same day or moment repeatedly, is hardly a novel idea, explored as it’s been across a wide variety of genres. So, it’s not surprising, and perhaps fitting for Palm Springs, the adult rom com debut from Max Barbakow, now holds the distinction of being the biggest sale ever out of the Sundance Film Festival (holding the distinction by $0.69).

In the comedic realm, Andy Siara’s screenplay unavoidably evokes the classic Bill Murray comedy Groundhog Day (1993), but even as it strives for a bit of poignancy in its rendering of a man and woman who, against all odds, kindle a romantic connection under otherwise despairing circumstances, falls short of pushing the limits of irrevocable trauma such an experience would entail.…

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