Squadron of Specters: Dominik Graf Introduces His Film "The Invincibles" (Director's Cut)

Squadron of Specters: Dominik Graf Introduces His Film
Dominik Graf's The Invincibles (Director's Cut) (1994/2019), which is receiving an exclusive global online premiere on Mubi, is showing in Mubi's Rediscovered series.Above: Dummy explosion in Düsseldorf from the set of The Invincibles.Greetings to all of you interested in The Invicibles! It is a pleasure and honor for me to see that Mubi now presents my more than a quarter-century old film in its 2019 extended cut. Thanks a lot for that! In the following remarks, I shall talk a bit about some of the notions that developed like concentric circles from the film's original idea—the thoughts beyond the core plot.Flashback: Starting around the so-called Wende (the German Democratic Republic's Anschluß into the wealthy West, polemically speaking), a series of still unsolved assassinations and murders happened at regular two-year intervals: On November 30th, 1989, Alfred Herrhausen, banker and political advisor, was shot in Bad Homburg; on April 1st,
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