Video Nasties Worth Watching

Video Nasties Worth Watching
As the social climate shifts and streaming services pull and edit movies to prevent any further backlash, it's an excellent time to look at banned films of the past. More specifically, the "Video Nasties," a slew of 72 films once deemed legitimately dangerous to young viewers by British Conservative activist Mary Whitehouse.

In 1983 during the emergence of VHS rentals, The UK's Director of Public Prosecution released a list of those films, under pressure from Whitehouse, as they were labeled to be in violation of the Obscene Publications Act of 1959.

Whitehouse, who essentially made it her job to instill paranoia about media's detriment to vulnerable viewers, coined the term "Video Nasty." Despite admitting she had never seen a single frame of the films she considered to be "nasty," Whitehouse was convinced the presence of these 72 titles on U.K. video store shelves was destined to turn children into sadists.

Of the 72 films listed,
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