Stay-At-Home Seven: August 3 to 9 by Amber Wilkinson

Stay-At-Home Seven: August 3 to 9 by Amber Wilkinson

As August arrives with a bit of sunshine, staying inside might seem like a chore - but if you are doing, there's plenty of great things to catch on the telly and streaming services. For more inspiration, check out our latest streaming spotlight on summer holidays on film.

Megamind, Film4, Thursday, August 6, 4.30pm

Everyone knows that supervillains have more fun - but there's more to Tom McGrath's animation than hi-jinks. There's a complexity here that goes beyond the similarly themed Despicable Me, as the blue baddie (Will Ferrell) discovers it's tricky to be an evildoer if there's no superhero trying to stop you. Beyond a surprising amount of depth, there's some solid slapstick gags on offer and the action has plenty of verve but it's the excellent voice cast - also featuring Jonah Hill and Tina Fey - and strong storytelling that really make it a winner. Read our.
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