The Old Guard Writer Confirms Sequel Talks Are Happening

The Old Guard Writer Confirms Sequel Talks Are Happening
Almost as soon as The Old Guard arrived on Netflix last month, fans started demanding a sequel as the comic book adaptation firmly captured the attention of subscribers around the world. Having only just revealed their Top 10 most-watched original movies, the streaming service had to immediately rewrite the list as the action-packed blockbuster was viewed by an estimated 72 million people in a matter of weeks.

One of the problems that Netflix face is that once their high-profile originals have been available for a while, interest often drops off a cliff because the platform can’t rely on the same kind of marketing tactics as traditional blockbusters to keep their titles in the public consciousness. For example, Bright was their first-ever attempt at playing the studios at their own game when it came to big-budget content, and while it did solid numbers, any talk of a sequel has virtually evaporated.

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