Film Review: The Warrior’s Way (2010) by Sngmoo Lee

Film Review: The Warrior’s Way (2010) by Sngmoo Lee
This is a noteworthy fantasy swordplay action movie in which hundreds of ninjas drop down from the sky like rain, but it’s set in a small, dusty town in the American West. Caught up in between those cowboys and ninjas, we’ve a swordsman from Asia who’s on the run and with a baby.

At the start of the movie, Yang (Jang Dong-gun), a top warrior from the Sad Flute Clan has become the world’s greatest swordsman after killing the last greatest swordsman of an enemy clan. However, as he’s about to kill the last member, a baby girl, he changes his mind and flees with her to the American Wild West. Needless to say, this upsets the Sad Flute Clan and now they’re out for his blood and the hunt is on.

Although “The Warrior’s Way” is director Sngmoo Lee’s first movie,
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