Film Review: 301, 302 (1995) by Park Chul-soo

Film Review: 301, 302 (1995) by Park Chul-soo
The way to a man’s heart is allegedly through his stomach, but as with all things we love, this wisdom old as the patriarchy itself calls for the hashtag #itscomplicated. Whether this particular saying is true or not, many emotions are passed in our digestive system though tiny mechanisms in brain that make us crave for certain type of food, or avoid it at all costs.

“301,302” screened as part of the Korean Cultural Centre UK‘s “Trapped! The Cinema of Confinement” programme

Asian cinema has a very special relationship with food. For quite some time, dinning rooms or restaurant tables have been playing a crucial role in presenting the key movie characters, their milieus and thoughts, influencing the narrative, often turning into the main stage. It is very hard to imagine a Hong Sang-soo film without a variety of food and an impressive amount of Soju or Makgeolli flowing
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