Wait, Look: Amit Dutta’s Cinematic Rhythm

Wait, Look:  Amit Dutta’s Cinematic Rhythm
Mubi's series The Inimitable Image: An Amit Dutta Retrospective is showing summer and autumn 2020 in India.Above: NainsukhBlinking is a matter of rhythm, and so is staring—rhythms perhaps more crucial to cinema than to any other medium. By withholding perspective, or by rendering it immobile, blinking and staring introduce duration to a cinematic frame, allowing the camera to grasp the very tactile rhythm of its own gaze and that of its object. Amit Dutta’s is a cinema that is built around such rhythms, around the purely ocular movement of the eye, where gazing is everything—it is the source of both meaning in the story and of truth, if there is one. The rhythm of his cinema alternates between rapid disturbances, like in the tilt of a head, and long stretches of stillness where a landscape, such as sloping mountain road, is introduced even before it is inhabited by characters.
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