Catherine Hardwicke on Don’t Look Deeper’s #BlackLivesMatter Metaphor

Catherine Hardwicke on Don’t Look Deeper’s #BlackLivesMatter Metaphor
This contains spoilers for the season finale of Quibi’s Don’t Look Deeper. Content warning for discussion of violence against Black bodies.

As director Catherine Hardwicke told Den of Geek in a recent interview, Quibi’s science fiction thriller series Don’t Look Deeper is a coming-of-age story “on steroids”—that is, it takes the existential questions about identity and power seen in other teenage stories and filters those questions through the metaphor of protagonist Aisha (Helena Howard) discovering that she is a robot. Over the course of the feature-length season (released in 7-to-10-minute episodes), Aisha asserts her autonomy to her human creators, challenges her peers who see robots as nothing more than property, and—most importantly—tries to save her robot brother Calian (Tyler Ghyzel) from a similar fate.

However, while Aisha’s identity as a robot provides the most action-packed stakes for the series, it is not the
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