The City Without Jews

The City Without Jews
A major silent film find: recently rediscovered and restored, this much-sought Austrian satire offers historical insight on antisemitism in 1920s Europe, and by extension today’s anti-immigrant politics. A fictitious city decides that the solution to its ills is to expel its Jewish population. That exact premise would in just a few years become political reality in the hands of fascist murderers.

The City Without Jews

Blu-ray + DVD

Flicker Alley

1924 / B&w / 1:33 Silent Ap. / 91 min. / Die Stadt ohne Juden / Street Date August 25, 2020 / 39.95

Starring: Eugen Neufeld, Hans Moser, Anny Milety, Johannes Riemann, Ferdinand Mayerhofer, Mizi Griebl, Karl Tema, Hans Effenberger, Gisela Werbisek, and Armin Berg.

Camera: Hugo Eywo, Eduard von Borsody

Sets: Julius von Borsody

Original Music scores: Donald Sosin and Alicia Svigals / Olga Neuwirth

Written by Ida Jenbach, Hans Karl Breslauer from the novel by Hugo Bettauer

Directed by Hans Karl Breslauer

Just off the 10 Freeway on the West side of Los Angeles,
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