"Office" in One Shot

One Shot is a series that seeks to find an essence of cinema history in one single image of a movie. Office (2015) is showing July 26 – August 24, 2020 on Mubi in the United States.The camera swoops up on the lyrical laments of two high-level careerists, dwarfed and backgrounded by the least subtle metaphor for capitalist grind. Waning golden boy David (Eason Chan), screwed after losing $20 million in company funds, and accountant Sophie (Wei Tang), dumped by her fiance for prioritizing work, just had a meet-cute contrived and earnest as the duet they’ve broken into. At first glance mistakable for a Modern Times-themed Armani campaign, the blatant staginess and uncanny lighting of the moment feels barely believable, even amateurish. With Johnnie To’s Office, unnaturalness isn’t a flaw, it’s a feature. Facing the present repercussions of 2008’s subprime mortgage crisis, our minds slip off realities vast as “$600 billion in
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