Gerard Butler's Greenland Gets Delayed Indefinitely

Gerard Butler's Greenland Gets Delayed Indefinitely
The upcoming disaster movie Greenland starring action man Gerard Butler has now been pulled from its upcoming September release date and will hit theaters on an as-yet-unconfirmed date sometime later in the year. The disaster movie had originally been given a release date of July 31, before being moved to August and then again to September.

"Ok, can go ahead and shutter again until at least November. STX has just announced the last big fall film, Greenland, will exit Sept. 25, and now drop 2020 Tbd."

When scientists discover that fragments of a comet will hit Earth in a few days, and will likely cause the extinction of humanity; the only hope of survival is to take shelter in a group of bunkers in Greenland. Greenland follows a family who must fight for survival as they make their way to salvation before the comet collides with the planet. John Garrity (Gerard
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