Money Plane

Money Plane
This past summer’s VOD Lawrence Brothers sensation Money Plane marks a bit of a digression as a recommendation from this fan. It falls into one of those very lovable subcategories of critical appreciation this viewer likes to call the “Dumb Action Movie.” This cost-effective, near-camp shoot-em-up confection cheerfully weathers its budgetary and technical constraints to triumphantly become nothing but a good time.

The pitch: Expert thief and reformed gambler Jack Reese (star wrestler Adam “Edge” Copeland) and his crew of cunning co-conspirators are commissioned by two-timing tycoon The Rumble (a gravel-voiced Kelsey Grammer) to rob an illicit, high-stakes airplane casino, where a caravan of big money bettors gambles over a litany of cruel and unusual punishments to be doled out on hapless victims on the ground. Let’s just say that things go less-than-smoothly for our heroes aboard the jet carrying the most mustache-twirlingly over-the-top passengers witnessed onscreen since
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