Not All TV Shows Needed That Final Season

Not All TV Shows Needed That Final Season
A large part of creating a quality TV show is knowing when to wrap it up. 

No writer wants their series to end before the story has been completed, but letting it go on past its natural resolution can tarnish its reputation entirely. 

Networks might still get some views, but is the extra season really worth ruining all the excellence that came before it?

We put together some examples of shows that should've quit while they were ahead. 

Parks and Recreation

To be fair, there wasn't anything bad about the final season. It was more unnecessary than anything else. 

Each viewer is different, and some people need that time jump to see where the characters are headed in the future. 

However, it felt off and didn't quite go with the rest of the show. The Parks and Recreation Season 6 finale could have been the perfect stopping point with a few tweaks for closure.
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