Wong Kar-wai Has Written a Chungking Express Sequel

Wong Kar-wai Has Written a Chungking Express Sequel
For a filmmaker who is not known for being very prolific, Wong Kar-wai has certainly made headlines as of late. Next week, his brand-new 20th-anniversary restoration of In the Mood for Love will finally debut at the New York Film Festival followed by a nationwide tour that includes other recent restorations of his work, and an eventual Criterion box set release. Meanwhile, production on his long-gestating, decades-spanning drama Blossoms is now underway with plans to make a TV version and a feature film. Now the director is returning to the universe of one of his most beloved films yet again.

Reports have surfaced from many Chinese media outlets (via Reddit) that Wong Kar-wai has scripted a sequel to his beloved 1994 romance Chungking Express. Titled Chungking Express 2020 and set in Chongqing in 2036, the China Film Administration approved the script back in April, which means it can move ahead. Here’s a
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