Review: Child's Play—Christopher Nolan's "Tenet"

Review: Child's Play—Christopher Nolan's
Christopher Nolan's PG-13-rated Tenet, a time-travel thriller that faces off a team of faceless soldiers and soulless heroes against the threat of World War III, contains all of the features likely to become prototypical of the new decade's blockbusters for adolescents: a trailer premiere on the online video game Fortnite, a theme song by Travis Scott, a color-coded key for comprehension, and nary a sexual spark in sight. The latest by Nolan (whose impassioned defense of the theatrical experience now faces even more pushback during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis) does demand every inch of the big screen, if only to witness the size and scope of its blueprint. Tenet's meticulously choreographed battles play out in both forward and reverse motion, the latter a technical move first accomplished by the Lumière brothers in Démolition d'un mur (1896). The scale of its spectacle suggests innovation; but Nolan's combination of the reverse motion with the cross cut,
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