Paradise Killer Review

Paradise Killer Review
While it’s not exclusively defined by it, Paradise Killer’s pastel world derived from Miami and Tokyo, painfully retro presentation, and smooth jazz soundtrack tick enough of the boxes of the all-important aesthetic to be conclusively considered a vaporwave game. It’s probably the most noteworthy title to carry that designation, so adherents to the inexplicable artistic movement practically owe it to themselves to play it. For everyone else, here’s an open-world cosmic horror detective game that looks, sounds, and feels very strange for basically no reason – take it or leave it.

The story takes place on Paradise Island, a pocket dimension devised by the psychically-empowered Syndicate as a base of operations for restoring the cabal of variously unavailable alien gods they worship. The leaders of the Syndicate have all been mysteriously killed, so the formerly-exiled detective Lady Love Dies (who the game helpfully informs us was born
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