Flamboyant drag on a laptop? It cramps cabaret's style

Flamboyant drag on a laptop? It cramps cabaret's style
Britain’s Got Talent star Myra Dubois turns agony aunt in a show that might raise the roof in a theatre – but not online

Myra Dubois was a staple of the cabaret scene for years before Simon Cowell came calling. Duetting with Amanda Holden, and cracking wise at Ant and Dec, is merely the beginning of the Britain’s Got Talent star’s gifts. Or so she would have you believe, with the launch of a new season of her agony aunt seminar A Problem Shared. A sometime live event, it is now beamed direct to handheld devices – and much (I suspect) has been lost in the transition.

If comedy craves a live audience, the same applies in spades to drag, which certainly as performed by Myra is all about flamboyance, playing to the gallery, and catty backchat with her “AdMyras”. Subtract a tangible audience, and you drastically cramp her style.

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