Scrubs: 10 Moments Elliot Stole Our Hearts

Scrubs: 10 Moments Elliot Stole Our Hearts
While she may not have had the easiest ride to the top, Scrubs' own Elliot Reid fought incredibly hard to become the successful doctor that we all know her to be.

Throughout the course of the show she was often considered to be the ultimate girl next door by the fans, but in a more general sense, she was also a whole lot of fun to watch.

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Her character developed in certain ways and stayed exactly the same in others but through it all, she was consistently positioned as a fan favorite - even if she did make a few decisions that didn't make much sense at the time.

The goofy, lovable Elliot will forever be remembered as a legend in the Scrubs universe and today, this list intends to run through just a handful of reasons as to why that is the case,
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