Why Jackie Chan Doesn't Do Hollywood Movies Anymore

Why Jackie Chan Doesn't Do Hollywood Movies Anymore
In the 90s and 2000s, Jackie Chan was the most popular action star Hollywood had to offer, starring in one hit franchise after another, from Rush Hour to Shanghai Noon. But then the actor appeared to have a cooling-off period as he was seen in fewer and fewer Hollywood movies. In a recent interview with Filmelier, Chan explained the reason for his absence.

Starting off by explaining that he "never left America," the 66-year-old actor revealed that he could not "find the right script." Finding himself typecast as an action star, Chan stated that he "received so many scripts, but the role is... a cop from Hong Kong!"

While the actor is no stranger to cop roles, which allowed him to showcase his athletic ability and made him a star in both China and the rest of the world, Chan has stated that with growing age, he wishes to transition to more dramatic parts.
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