Book Review: "John Badham On Directing: Notes On 'Saturday Night Fever', 'War Games' And More" (2Nd Edition) (Michael Wiese Productions)

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Book Review:
By Cai Ross

“Directing is so much more than staging scenes or moving the camera,” explains John Badham in the new edition of his last book. “It is how to make the impossible possible. It is storytelling, imagination, people managing, resource skills, physical stamina, so many things a director is called upon to be good at. Including accepting the blame for everything: the script, the performances, the camerawork etc., etc., etc. And yet, in spite of all those limitations, obstacles, and endless politics, we charge forward trying to make the very best of what we have to work with. Who else would do such a crazy thing? But how can we not?”

In the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, John Badham enjoyed something of the Midas Touch. A former actor - and brother of To Kill a Mockingbird actress Mary Badham - he had graduated at the same movie
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