10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Love Doctor Sleep

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Love Doctor Sleep
In the highly anticipated sequel to Stephen King's The Shining, adult Danny Torrance struggles with the dark events of his childhood at the Overlook Hotel. He yearns for a life of peace from the specters that haunt his dreams, but the unique gift he possesses only draws them closer until he learns of a young teen named Abra who's life may be even more imperiled. Together they must battle both the ghosts of the past and their enemies of the present, such as the True Knot, a cult of immortals who feed on the "shine" to stave off death.

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Doctor Sleep expertly weaves shocking visual horrors with deeply seeded psychological turmoil, revealing that there are many different impetuses for fear. Its mixture of horror and fantasy, as well as its message of retaining faith in
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