Tenet Box Office Was Not a 'Home Run' Admits AT&T Boss

Tenet Box Office Was Not a 'Home Run' Admits AT&T Boss
For many months prior to its release, Christopher Nolan's time-bending thriller Tenet was touted as the savior of cinema halls. The one movie that would be able to bring audiences back to theaters in record numbers. After the film was finally released last month, the reception was... mixed, to say the least. John Stankey, chief of AT&T, Warner Bros. Pictures' parent company that produced Tenet, acknowledged during a call to investors that the film's performance left a lot to be desired.

"I can't tell you we walked away from the 'Tenet' experience saying it was a home run. [But] we're happy we did it."

At a time when other major movies were scrambling to either postpone their releases or opt for an online-streaming release, Tenet determinedly stayed its course for a 2020 theater release. One major factor behind this decision is said to be Nolan himself, a fierce proponent of the theater experience,
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