Honeydew - Jennie Kermode - 16336

Honeydew - Jennie Kermode - 16336
It's a controversial theory, but many scholars have argued that ergotism - poisoning caused by a fungus which grows on rye - was behind numerous cases of supposed witchcraft in centuries past, including the infamous Salem witch trials. Alongside other symptoms, it can cause convulsions, hallucinations, mania and delirium. There is no ergot in Devereux Milburn's film but a similar, fictional fungus - sordico - is said to have been found in the region where the story takes place, with heroine Rylie (Malin Barr) dispatched to study it.

Travelling with Rylie is her partner Sam, an actor who is trying to get to grips with a script. Each in a separate world due to their focus on work, they lose their way on a trip through the country and can find nobody helpful to provide them with directions. When night falls and they're politely but firmly...
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