Tailgate Review – FrightFest 2020

Tailgate Review – FrightFest 2020
Every now and then, a particularly ferocious type of thriller comes along that knocks everyone for six; even the most weathered horror fan struggles to play dumb. The sort of film that’s so densely drenched in dread that it leaves you jumping, barking, screaming along with the characters and begging for some level of respite, that you just know will likely never come. Enter Dutch nerve-shredder Tailgate, a road-rage movie on a mission to make sure you never look at a white van in the same way again.

Also known by the even catchier Bumperkleef in its native Netherlands, Lodewijk Crijns’ thriller kicks off a bit like Spielberg’s Duel, with extra oomph. Hyper-macho family man Hans (Jeroen Spitzenberger) picks a fight where he probably shouldn’t, but the result is far from a casual fender-bender, when the wronged party (Willem de Wolf’s ‘Ed’) doesn’t just give chase,
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