Gwar Singer Recalls Watching RoboCop While Tripping on LSD [Exclusive]

Gwar Singer Recalls Watching RoboCop While Tripping on LSD [Exclusive]
Naturally, the self-proclaimed berserker who rules Gwar is a huge fan of RoboCop. Campy violence, biting social commentary, science fiction, and enduring one-liners are hallmarks of both the action classic starring Peter Weller and the metal band, whose breakthrough Scumdogs of the Universe album celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020. Michael Bishop first joined Gwar in 1987, the same year RoboCop was released, as bassist Beefcake the Mighty. In 2014, following the untimely passing of cofounder Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus, Bishop returned to the group as new lead vocalist Blöthar The Berserker. Blöthar shared his love of director Paul Verhoeven's dystopian classic on a recent episode of PopCurse, presented by Movieweb, which features musicians talking movies. A partial transcript of the podcast, edited for length and clarity, follows.

I should tell you that I had my first kiss at a Gwar concert.

Blöthar The Berserker: Oh, geez. Wow. This must have been traumatic.
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