Carlo Mirabella-Davis Introduces His Film "Swallow"

Carlo Mirabella-Davis Introduces His Film
Carlo Mirabella-Davis's Swallow is showing exclusively on Mubi in many countries starting October 31, 2020.I am profoundly honored to be introducing my film, Swallow, to the viewers of Mubi’s iconic programming. Swallow follows a woman in a controlling marriage who has pica, the urge to eat dangerous objects. I think of the movie as a tiramisu of genres: body horror, dark comedy, and a domestic drama all rolled into one. Swallow is a film that will frighten you, make you laugh, and make you cry, hopefully fostering a psychologically cathartic experience.The film was inspired by my grandmother, a 1950s homemaker who, as a response to a difficult marriage, developed various rituals of control. She was an obsessive hand washer who would go through four bars of soap a day and 12 bottles of sanitizing alcohol a week. I think she was looking for order in a life she felt increasingly powerless in.
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