‘Dash and Lily’ Review (Netflix)

‘Dash and Lily’ Review (Netflix)
Stars: Austin Abrams, Midori Francis, Dante Brown, Troy Iwata, James Saito, Leah Kreitz, Keana Marie, Glenn McCuen, Ianne Fields Stewart, Diego Guevara, Patrick Vaill, Jodi Long | Directed by Fred Savage, Pamela Romanowsky, Brad Silberling

Does it get any more festive than snow in New York? I know many, many people have the lifelong dream of spending Christmas in the Big Apple and I have to admit that it is a dream that I also share! The closest I am probably ever going to get to this dream was the opening moments of the new Netflix original series Dash and Lily which involves a panning camera which showing the classic New York buildings complete with snow falling from the sky!

Dash and Lily follows all the conventions of your classic teenage ‘relatable’ series; for example the contrast between Dash who hates Christmas with a passion, against Lily who loves the festive period.
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