Jada Pinkett Smith: Police brutality is nothing new

Jada Pinkett Smith: Police brutality is nothing new
Los Angeles, Nov 24 (Ians) Actress Jada Pinkett Smith says police brutality is nothing new, and is glad that the atrocity is getting highlighted thanks to social media.

"Police brutality is nothing new but it's more visible now because of cellphones and because of social media helping to share images and video," variety.com quoted Pinkett Smith as saying.

"The difference now is that we are watching executions on television, which is mind blowing. We are watching young men and young women gunned down on live TV and people are in the streets recording it. We've heard about it before and it would get written up, but now you have the visuals that make it real. We get to see it and that's the difference. You can look at it and see for yourself what's happening," she added.

The actress puts spotlight on police brutality in her upcoming animated short film
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