The Best Christmas Movies Available on HBO Max

The Best Christmas Movies Available on HBO Max
In the immortal words of Charlie Brown and friends: “Christmas time is heeereee!” Well, in the streaming world Christmas time is just about always here. Christmas lives forever on the servers of companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney. Now WarnerMedia has entered into the streaming Christmas fray with its service HBO Max.

HBO Max is one of the new kids on the block, but its dedication to the holiday season remains admirable. The amount of holiday episodes of its many TV shows that HBO Max can offer is staggering. For this list, however, we will focus on service’s holiday movies alone (save for one Tardis-y exception). If you’ve got an HBO Max subscription and a burning need for Christmas movies, here is what you can expect.

Doctor Who Christmas Specials


If the British know one thing, it’s tea. If they know two things, it’s tea and Christmas specials.
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